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Compost is the product of natural decomposition of organic matter, made by decomposing organisms (bacteria, fungi) and with the help of small animals such as worms and beetles.

Vermicompost, however, is the product of the decomposition of organic matter conducted solely by the activity of certain earthworm species, mainly of the genus Eisenia. The most used is the California red worm (Eisenia foetida).

Organic matter is the transformed into a product called vermicompost or worm castings thanks to the worm’s digestive tract, and the combined action of microorganisms.
Vermicompost is a compost with a better structure and higher nutrient content, with respect to the compost obtained without the intervention of the worms.
The presence of humus in the soil ensures the reserve of nutrients to plants, helps retain water absorption and facilitates air circulation, limits the changes in temperature and moisture, blocks many toxic compounds and food supplies countless tiny animals that are the basis of the food chain. The life and growth of plants and animals is possible thanks to the secret work of decomposers.


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